Sunday, July 31, 2005

OMG im soo fuckign stupid

Its now 6:21 AM, and I just remembered about my blog:P, fuck I wish I had of been writtting in this all night, fuck I've been soo damn bored all fucking night, well, lets seee, how should we start.....
So I woke up this morning next to Laura, ....wait, it goes before that..
So Jeff had a party at his place last night, Laura and I went out and got pretty drunk, I had a fair amount of drinks with the combination of exhaustion from no sleep made it a really crazy night, hard to remember, and harder to do if I can remember correctly. anyway, so we got back to my house at around 4ish, so Laura and I passed right the fuck out and slept solid till 8 this mornign when my alarm went off, so she went home and showered and shit, and I went to work for 9, had a shitty morning of really tiredness, then got let off at like 1ish, then I went back to wrok for 5 and of corse I had to close too, so here I am running on like no sleep, so near the end of work at around 10ish mitch finally stopped by and gave me my goodies, so I had 2 of those and they're keepin me up. of corse 2night just has to be the 1 night that absolutely no one shows up to my house, like I mean no one!!! not even upstairs!!!! its fucking saturday, where the hell is everyone!?!?! anyway, I did so much runnign around 2night to mitchs, then back here, then back there, uuhh, it was a prety kool night tho, they're some pretty crazy fucks up there in browns court, all of mitchs friends, and mitch too for that matter. Anyway, its comin on 7ish, LOL!!! MITCH JUST CALLED ME!!!! ITS FUCKING 6:28!!!! anyway, sorry that was just kool, so yeah I think Im gonna go to work, and drink a shitload of coffee and help james set up. But yeah, I dunno, I was thinking a lot more on some hardcore indepth things 2night, but they might take some tiem to get into, and I dont think half an hour would be enough time to try to describe them all. So yeah... oh god, work is gonna suck soo fucking bad 2day, lol,
I really gotta stop.... Fuck, Im surprised my body hasnt collapsed yet, fuck. I know all this stupid shit im doing is going to katch up with me someday, and im surprised it hasnt happened yet, uhh, im sure my mind and body will royally fuck me up after 2day is over,... Uhh, just Torture!!!! fuck it, im going to read Morgans blog. L8a days...

Thursday, July 28, 2005

A mostly Straight day...

Well, its now 3:21AM, Laura left around 5-10 mins ago, she got here around 11:30, just around 45 mins after I got home from work. Fuck what a long day, I dindt get shit for sleep last night, woke up at like 6ish, then couldnt get to sleep till I went to work for 9, then worked a 14 hour day, doing all this I wasnt even stoned, so I was straight all day... and I kinda liked it.... I dunno if this is a good thing or not, I mean, I really do love to smoke weed and get somewhat stoned, it just plain and simply feels good., But 2day was kool because I was thinking clearer, faster, and I didnt even studder on my words as much, it was pretty cool come to think of it. Anyway, the point of it all is, im gonna have to go the next 2-3 weeks even more without weed so I can save to buy Adams Motor Cycle from him, its only gonna cost $$$2200. And its a pretty sweet bike, I mean its a good starter bike, to which I cant wait for, but i'll have to get my lisence and all that shit first, so thats gonna suck, but anyway, i'll figure out all that shit sometime later. But yeah, anyway, I just got an awsome idea of what to add to my tattoo that I got monday, its gonna be prety fucking awsome when im done... wait for it, anyways l8a days...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Well, I got my tattoo yesturday, and man it looks Fantastic!!!! Personally I love it, I dunno what everyone else thinks, but I like it and thats all that matters right? I dunno quite what Laura thinks, but she didnt stop looking at it yesturday.... I dunno, i'll figure everything out. alrigth, well 2day has to be a perductive day, fuck I havent done anything since friday , I have to get groceries, I have to get some shit for my tattoo, but yeah, I dunno, I prolly ahve other things to do , I just dont remember them. So yeah I'm gonna let this go, and i'll prolly talk in it later on 2night, l8a days...

Monday, July 25, 2005

Its now 1:23PM

lol, its 123. anyway, its sunday afternoon, and im sitting at home, alone,bored to fuck!!! im just waiting till 4 oclock so I can finally get my tattoo, fuckin psycked!!! anyway, yeah, so that should be fun, and I gues Jamison is finally trying to come over, cuz he has the next like 5 days off, so maybe i'll see him a bit, that should be kool.
Yeah , well I guess I had a crazy couple of days, its been kool tho, crazy new shit happenin everyday, but yeah, I dont really know what im going on about, its omnly 125 PM and im already, I started drinkin when I woke up this mornign and no one was home so I figured why nto drink, so i've downed a bottle of wine, smoked a few bowls and now im set for the day, so anyway, till later... l8a days...

Sunday, July 24, 2005

recap the night

Well, I woke up around an hour or so ago, its now 11:58AM, uuuhhhh, Im pretty sure we were all up till around 5ish, if not later this morning, fuck, the music was just blarring, playin some online games, and shit, wow, it was a pretty good and eventfull night. But yeah, Tony and everyone eventuelly made it down to my room where we smoked our faces off and listened to music at full power and just chilled right the fuck out. it was Fantastic. lol, anyways, nothing really new to report, so I guess thats it, i'll prolly be writting in this later on 2day after some crazy shit starts happenening.... well you know it, l8a days.


Hey, wowo, well, woww, real,ly, what ever im saying right now is just prety muich happenning. Well, its now 3:54AM in the morning, and im pretty fucked, Barett, Jeff, Tony, and Craig are upstairs, craigs passed out, and Tony too, Barett and Jeff are playing some devil May Cry 3, Wow, but yeah Barett and I had a crazy night, well maybe he dindt quite have such a qrazy night as mine, but ya know, Fuck, yeah it was nuts, we had a good long talk about like Laura and Morgan, and life and a whole bunch of kool shit. stuff bout like.... uhh, relally I cant type it, but ya know.... right now life is pretty good., I must say, like a night like 2night is just what i needed. I think that my life is actuelly really good right now, I go to work a shitload(I.e, like 55 hours a week, not too shabby) then come home every signle day to a joint, and some TV/comp and stuff, but when the weekends come, wow, Laura just stayed last night, and wow!!!! WOW!!! uhhh, wow, thats all really, wow, WoW, WOWOWOWW, just hinkingin about it... anyway, wow, so yeah, Barett and I had a good time in Morgans hot tuib with her and Laura, then we went to the Trampoline, that was pretty damn coool too, then we chilled in her place,(huge fucking how(to wich Barett and I felt wierd., (long story)))) but yeah and watchign Morgan and Lauras "fun times" when they were drunk sledding

(Morgan and Laura are some crazy weird chicks I've come to realize... Like really, they are like as kool as like guys go IN like how they act and think., but they're ridiculusly hot and sexy, and attractive, and everyrthying, like holy crap the beautifulness is unreal!, but they're soo kool about it too, so its a crazy mix, and for some reason she likes me, and it fits soo well. thats all I can really say right now, but like wow, shes just soo perfect, and like , were fitting together soo well, uhhh, yeah, but yeah, anyway, I should prolly stop now before I get too carried away)

yeah, so after Laura and morgans place, Barett and I went home to our place to find an empty house.... but it turns our Tony, Craig, Jeff, and Brad went for a "walk" so now thery're all back and passed out, well Brad went home, Craig is passed out upstairs on the couch and so is Tony, and Jeff is playing some divil May Cry 3, now Barett is behind me and were gonn aplay some TFC. L8a days....

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Hey, My internet is finally up!!!!!! so that means that now I am fully fully moved in, its soo sweet. Well I woke up 2day at around 7ish, on and off trying to get to sleep and stuff, then Laura left at like 11:45, so I chilled out all day here, cleaned for a good while while I smoked a couple joints. Then Kate came over and drove me to town and I bought some pretty kool posters and shit. Now im just waiting for everyone to come back from Magic Mountain so we can party., But I guess im really just waiting for Barett to get home so I can call Laura and me and him can go to Morgans hot tub, I guess thats the plan right now... Well I better stick to it, so im gonna smoke again while I wait for Barett, anyways, l8a days,..

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Its Monday July 18, well actuelly its tuesday july 19 at 1:22 Am, but anyway yeah, this past week has been kinda shitty, worked every day 10-9ish, I catn really remembver what I did each day, but in no perticular order some of thses things happened... I hurt my ancle jumping off the deck, its still swolen to shit a week later, Im pretty sure its broken but fuck it, I don thave time to go to the hospital. An other day I felll really ahrd and smaked my temple against a corner of a cutting board at work,. Anyway, the whole week I couldnt open my mouth all the way, or cklose it all the way either, and I still cant bite down or open my mouth all the way, but anyway, i guess I'lll heal eventuelly. But yeah, the rest of the weekend was stupidly borhing, Laura came ovwer on friday, and nothing really happened, and saturday nothing at all happened, and I mean nothing, No one came over, no one was here, it was just all around boring, then sunday was pretty much the same thing. and 2night Laura came over, (good time) and now its just me and Chris and Barett watching TV. anyway, i hope to have the interenet sometime soon in my room, but anyway, till then, I guess l8a days...

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Well, how do I start here,... Well I was wondering how hard work woudl be if I wastn stoned,, so this mornign I decided not to smoke before I went to work. and it was a shitty dayso I had a joint at around 4:30ish at work and stayed at work till 9ish. Then Laura and I and Morgan and one of her friends Colby went to the movies. went to see war of the worlds, and the last bit of the longest yard, neiter were that great, and laura and Morgan and everyone just went home, so now im here smoking a joint by myself, waiting for my laundry to finish so I can put it in the dryer and go to bed, well, i guess im off to bed. l8a days.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tuesday, my day off.

Well its tuesday, and I woke up this morning at 7AM so me and Laura could wake up Morgan to take her home, but we just lied in bed, I think Barett took Morgan home, anyways Laura left at around 10ish, and she forgot her phone at my house, and like 2 mins after she left her mom called her cell. Of corse I didnt answer it, but funny enough Lauras mom called my cell right after that, so when i picked up I just said that Laura left like 10 mins ago t0 her house. I hope she doesnt get into any trouble. Anyway yeah, so yesturday was fucked, I hurt my ancle soo bad!!!! its soo soo sore 2day, but I didnt feel most of it last night cuz I was soo drunk of Tiquila, and we smoked a shitload of pot in my room, it was soo sweet, everyone in there was soo stoend, Chris, Barett, Morgan, Me, Laura, Adam, and prolly others I cant really remember. but then they all left and me and Laura just pased out solid! didnt even do anythign we were both just soo fuckign tired, it was awsome. anyway, after she left I pretty much just fell asleep till around 1ish when I smoked a joint to myself, then fell back asleep till Chris woke up at around 3, then we smoked like 3 more joints and 2 bowls. Now were just waiting in pizza, but dotn worry, Barett and I are going to drill that hole in the floor so I can get the internet in my rooom finally, then i'll be able to update this daily, or even twice daily. anyway, I'll catch ya later, l8a days.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


OKAY... Where do i start? Well today is Saturday July the 10th at 12:42AM. Im at home(my new home in town) by myself... Ok, well I'll try to remember the last weekend I had, the weekend of the 3rd(my last post) some other time because im too toasted right now to try to remember now. But yeah, I moved out to Baretts place on the 4th of July. It was sweet, hte first night was kinda kool, ya know just wierd and new and shit, but then on wednesday... WOW, Well I got off work and came home(my new home is soo sweet) to find everyone drinking and havign a good time like normal, so that was kool, and even Laura was there drinking ya know, havin a good time. Anyway, I have a shower and get all cleand up and shit and someone passes me a drink so its all good... Then laura goes to the kitchen to get an other cooler, so I go wtih her and she gets to the fridge and we get talkign and stuff and then she asks me if she should call her house and ask if she could "stay the night at Morgans...." so her mom says kool, so Laura decides to stay for the night. The whole night itself was awsome just cuz everyone partied pretty late and becuase laura and I just didtn give a fuck when we went to sleep we stayed up pretty damn late. Then we went to bed,,, unreal time there, then went to sleep, and I acutelly got sleep!, And I really didnt think I could sleep with someone, just becuase I role around alot and shit, but i think she got some sleep, cuz I did, but yeah then we woke up at 9 so I could go to work, then she went home and showered and stuff then went to work, and we just went on wtih our day, it was pretty sweet. So that was my second ngiht at my new house. So thursday, i dotn know what happened thursday, I could prolly think on it and remember, but right now, nah, cant do it, sorry... Friday, last night,....No wait, yeah thursday me and laura got soo stoned 2gether , it was soo funny cuz we were both soo stoned!!! but yeah, taht was thursday, friday... Barett and i went to bed early, then Chris Weeks and a whole bunch of ppl came in around 2ish, and I came up and partied for a bit then went back to bed to get up for work this morning(saturday) and worked till 8ish 2ngiht, then came home to see laura for a while, got pretty baked, waiting for ppl to either come here, or for my friends to call me or soemthing, cuz im just getting more stoend by myself, its kool tho cuz I can just listen to music and get backed int my room the whole time. trippy posters, black lights, plate light, anyway. im going to that right now, l8a days...

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Well, Im really too fucking tired to even try to write anything down, but lets just say I worked a shitload in the past 5 days, and im fucking dead, i'll try to write about it sometime maybe later 2day, but right now, I'm exausted. I guess I tried to have too much fun these past few days, and I really did, worked all fucking day, then partied all night, sacrafised sleep to party, then to work. Ahh well, it was worth it, anyways, i'll write about it later. l8a days.