Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday night

Yup... This is gonna be a shitty week.... Had so many problems with the gun at work today... Stupid combustion pressure.... and I even called Cory to ask for help and he just said check for leaks, which I did and repaired..... I dunno what the fuck is wrong with it,,, Ijust hope it works better 2morrow... if not, I'm gonna try taking the whole thing apart,,,, see how that goes.... Anyway,,, Other then that,,,  not much else is going on... I didn't do anything tonight... I went to Cory's place for a little bit,,,, he filled my biked tires which was sweet,,, they were back down to 20 PSI again,,, so he put them back up to 50.... tomorrows bike ride should be nice and easy...  then Muay Thai tomorrow night... my last two classes till after I get back from PEI... Yeah, not really super excited bout class tomorrow night..... Oh, and I'm supposed to go to Calgary this weekend to go visit Barett,,,, but I don't really wanna go down right now.... money is not that good right now, with the wedding coming up and rent I gotta pay while on PEI... I just don't think its a great idea right now,, I just don't know how to tell Barett... Like it would be sweet to go, but Im just not up for it right now.... I dunno, we'll see how that goes....  But yeah,, its already 10:30, so I should be getting to sleep... Till later....
L8a Days...


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