Tuesday, January 17, 2012

good day thus far

So its only 4:43 PM, and I already did half an hour on the elliptical, half an hour on the stationary bike, and I just now got back from a good 4 and a half km hike with Tucker. Good Cardio day today already!!! Plus I'm planning on going to the pool 2night for another hour!, and I'm not even sore yet! this is great! I hope I'm not jynxing anything, but I'm feeling great and loving it! I can't wait to Spar 2morrow night!!! Gonna go hard and rock the shit outta everyone!! Yeah, so thats about all my updates for 2day... yesterday was pretty good too,,,, I also did half an hour on the elliptical and the bike,,, but no hike... although I did go at the punching bag for a good half an hour too... maybe i'll do that here soon, before the pool.... I dunno, I'll try to post later if I think of it... till the next time...
L8a Days...


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