Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Just got back from Tony's

Yup,,, so here it is,, 2:36 PM.... I'm sitting in my room, with a towel on,,, just got out of the shower prolly 20 mins a go.... and I'm just soo confused..... I"m not too sure exactly what just happened, but i'm gonna try to explain..... So on my way home, while I was just an hour or so away from PEI I texted Emily and told her I was gonna be home soon and we should meet up,,, she said cool, and she'd meet me at home... so i get home, have a shower and when I get out she's there waiting for me in my room.... Cool!... SO I lay down on my bed and she climbs on me and asked me how my weekend was, I say great, hows yours? and she says awesome... and asks me to tell her about my weekend first... so I do.... and ohh boy,,... Does she ever freak out!!! Like the second I even say Colettes name I can see it in her face that she doesn't hear 1 more word I say... She was just instantly soo mad that I even saw Colette.... Like what the fuck here?? am I not allowed to see whoever I want??? when did we discuss this rule of me not seeing Colette??? Like seriously,, She's allowed to see any of her ex boyfriends whenever she wants... why am I not allowed to see one of mine? who I never get to see anymore because she's halfway across the COUNTRY!!! Uhh,,, I just hate how Emily has been freaking out at me over every little thing I do lately... like nothing I do is wright!!! I'm always in the wrong... and I don't even know what the deal is... I'm damn sure I told her that Colette was picking me up at the airport... and even still, why am I not allowed to see her? Fuck, this is dumb,, I'm tired, and getting crankyer by the second writting about this shit... so with that, I'm done,,, going to have a long nap... I'll write about how wicked my weekend was later.... till then...

L8a days...


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