Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31st!

2 weeks, and 2 days till the next fight.... And Im still 11 lbs heavier then what I need to be.... FUCK!!! its a lot harder to lose weight then I originally planned.,, So I took a pill this morning,,, Emily's fat burning pills.,, hopefully that does something for me... Plus Im gonna do a bunch of skippin today, and prolly some running.,,, So yeah, we'll have to see what I gotta do to lose this weight.....
So yeah... thats about all on my mind... Fucking kick boxing... It started out as a lot of fun... but now its a lot of work, and a little less fun... Its a total life style change... Like, I thought it would be super fun and stuff, but now its just soo much work!!! with the weight loss, and the training,... its just becoming a lot!!! But I guess thats what I expected... Gotta work hard to be the best!!!!
Anyway, I've been super distracted... I've been writing this blog for like half an hour now... But yeah,, anyway, I'm kinda not into this right now.. Im gonna go do some skipping,,, I'll be back later.. i'll try to write a blog either later today, or 2night... so yeah, till then

L8a Days...


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