Thursday, February 24, 2011

Leaving today!!!!

So,, here it is at 12:15 PM... I'm just starting to pack now.... Heading to the airport at around 5:30 or so... Flight leaves at 6:45.... Yup, starting to get a little excited/nervous!!!!
So I also just noticed that I hadn't written in my blog yesterday... so I should probably update on that first.... Yesterday was alright... got better as the day went on mostly... So I woke up at 6 AM,,, called my boss at 6:24, and he said that we were working that day... So needless to say, I didn't have the greatest start of the day... So yeah, ended up shoveling snow off of the charlottetown mall for 7 hours.... Then Emily came and picked me up, and we went to her place... Saw the new baby goats!!! lol, 2 little 1 day old baby goats... they were pretty cool... soo friggen tiny!!! but cool, so we chilled with them for a bit and had a little puff... Then we went back to my place, changed up and got our stuff ready for Hot Yoga!!! Always a good time there!! I love hot yoga!!! and it was kinda cool this time, cuz we went and took our spot in like the middle of the room!!! it was our first time being that close to the front and the mirrors.. I think I liked it too... its good having multiple angles on your body... So that was a really really good class!!! got a great stretch out, and lots a lot of water weight!!!! man do ya ever swet a lot at hot yoga!!! its ridiculous!!! So yeah, anyway, after that we just went back to my house, and watched a few episodes of man vs wild.... then yeah, Emily went home and I went to bed... I wanted to get a nice long sleep last night, but it turns out I can't sleep to well right now.. lol, I dunno what it was,,, but I woke up at like 5,6, and 7 am... then I ended up waking up at9 and staying up after that... Had a little puff around 10... started making a check list of things i'll need for Ontario around 11,,, and then yeah,, not much till right now... So yeah,, thats it,,, your all caught up on whats going on right now.... I'm not quite sure when the next time i'll be able to post a blog,,,, it may not be till after the weekend is over,.,, but if not i'll try to post ASAP.... Alright.. I'm out for now.. so till the next time...

L8a Days...


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