Monday, February 14, 2011

Another good day

Yeah I know,,, it's weird that I think I had a good valentines day... but I think I actuelly had a good one!!!
So I woke up this morning at 6 AM,,, yes only a few hours after my last blog entry at 4 something in the morning... and called work,,, Asked Jean if we were working today or not, and he said yes... I really figured he wouldn't be, but regardless I told him that I was too sore from kick boxing to go.. which was not even close to a lie! I was soo friggen sore when I woke up this morning!!! So yeah, I ended up not working today... went back to bed at 6:45ish, and then woke up at 9 something to a txt from Em... She wanted to know if I wanted to go to the gym to work out with her today,,, but I was still to sore at 9 to work out... So I told her the only thing I could do today was go swimming... so thats what we ended up doing! lol... It was good tho, cuz her foot was still sore/swollen from yesterday too,, so swimming was prolly the best choice for both of us!. So yeah at around 1:30 she came here to get me and we went to swim at the Cari Pool.... Had a good little work out there.,, Then we got hungry so we went down to get some Thai food!!! and holy shit was it ever GOOD!!!!! I'm definetly going to have to go back there, cuz that was some of the best cury chicken ever!!!!, so we got the thai food and just went to victoria park and sat and ate our food there,,, had a little puff and chill before we came back to my house... but she had to go home early to do a sleigh ride, so she pretty much just dropped me off and went home... And that pretty much leaves me to now... sorta, I watched a few episodes of californiacation, but thats about it... Anyway, just figured I'd do a little recap of the day... and it was a good day!... So yeah, for now I think thats about all I gotta say... Ohh,, I have 1 more thing... I didn't even notice,, but Emily pointed it out to me... I got my first semi black eye from kick boxing!!! little purple spot in the corner of my left eye... kinda cool I guess.. I know I got it from Ryan, one of the National Champions, so thats pretty fucking cool....
so yeah, thats it!!! lol,, till next time

L8a Days...


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