Monday, August 20, 2012

A New life

August 19,10:22PM, Leduc Alberta time... I'm gonna try to make this fairly quick, considering I have to wake up to go to work at 5AM tomorrow morning...  Wow.... I know its going to be hard to catch up on everything after not posting in such a long time,,, but I'll see what I can do....  
So I'm back out west... Living in Leduc Alberta... just south of Edmonton where I lived before... Working at a new place, with one of my old co workers... Work is going alright so far,(I have only been working there for 2 and a half months now).. Although life is kinda hard.... I'm engaged to Miss Emily T now.... I know shocking right? I'm sure I'll go on many rants about this, but for now, alll I need to say is things are going pretty good, even though we are spending pretty much the entire engagement apart....  I'm all set up to fly home in a little less than 4 weeks... get married in 5...   Really excited for this!!! its going to be a fantastic time! And without getting too much into it, I'm really excited to start my life with Emily... we already started making plans and have Ideas to do great things.... so yeah thats that.....  Uhmmm what else.... ...    still smokin.... just fills the time.... I dunno, I'm gonna look at that once life gets into a groove here.... I also started doing Muay Thai out here.... thats pretty neat... so I'll definetly be keeping updates on that.....  But yeah, I think for now thats about it... I gottta go to sleep here, I have just been thinking over the past week and a bit that I should go back to the good old blog and write some shit down.... I would love to say that I'm going to try to start writing in this often again,, ,but we all know what happens when I do that....,  So I'm goin to try to write in it whenever I think of it,, which may be often considering the free time I have on my hands... but we'll see... So I hope this becomes an often thing, but we'll just have to wait and see... So,, till hopefully sometime soon,,,,

L8a Days...


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