Wednesday, August 22, 2012

day 2

Wow, I remembered... so yeah, this is gonnna be short, I'm heading to bed now,,, just finished the second last episode of season two of Sons of Anarchy... great show!.... So what happened today.... not much really,,, Sprayed a piece that took me all day, not sure why really,,, stupid discharge head,,,, I think my thickness guage is outta whack, but whatever... Then I biked home,,, left at 4pm... skipped Muay thai class 2night... my neck kinda hurt... so yeah, then I skyped wiht tony, and then with Emily... then yeah sons of anarchy.... So yeah, thats bout it,,, I don't feel like writting a bunch of stuff 2night... so with that,,, im gonna head to bed.... night
L8a Days...


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