Saturday, July 23, 2005


Hey, My internet is finally up!!!!!! so that means that now I am fully fully moved in, its soo sweet. Well I woke up 2day at around 7ish, on and off trying to get to sleep and stuff, then Laura left at like 11:45, so I chilled out all day here, cleaned for a good while while I smoked a couple joints. Then Kate came over and drove me to town and I bought some pretty kool posters and shit. Now im just waiting for everyone to come back from Magic Mountain so we can party., But I guess im really just waiting for Barett to get home so I can call Laura and me and him can go to Morgans hot tub, I guess thats the plan right now... Well I better stick to it, so im gonna smoke again while I wait for Barett, anyways, l8a days,..


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