Saturday, June 25, 2005

Prom/Grad party

Wow, what a crazy night!!!! Holy crap, where do I even start? jesus, ok, so we went to Prom, got a shitload of pictures and stuff, then went in and stuff, chilled tilll around 11, which was kool cuz I got to talk to lots of ppl that I hadnt talked to in a whille. Anyway, we left prom at 11, and drove me home to take off my tux and shti, then stopped at wills, then went to Joshs for directions. Anyway, we made it out to Grad Party at like 12ish... And at first it was kool, lots of ppl I knew and stuff. pretty good time. THen Chris Weeks showed up! Fuck man I had a good couple hour long chat with him all night. I think he had a fairly good time considering he was trying/and succeding on breaking up fights. Him and Kenny kept some order to the whole thing, if they could possibly stop something, they would/did. It was crazy, anyway, yeah so I saw soo many pppl there, like Phil, Kevin, Paul, Travis, oh god I cant even think of all their names, just like saw eveyrone, and told them how awsome I thought they were and stuff:P, trying to be all happy and such, it was pretty kool.
But yeah, holy crap, I knew I'd have to beat the girls away with a stick, but this was kinda crazy. Well sorta, there was only a couple of girls, but they were really trying, lol, but I rejected them all solid:P, it was kinda funny, but I felt bad at the same time, cuz I knew Kim really did want to have sex last night, but really, I couldn't let her do it, not with me, or anyone, fuck she was way too drunk. Especially for her first time, fuck, im still a virgin, but I definetly think it wouldnt be a wise idea to lose your virginity when your wasted out of your mind at grad party just cuz you think you can. She might have really wanted to, but still, Could not be done. But anyway, I didnt have any misshaps or run ins with ppl that I should have, No one tried to fight me, which was cool cuz someone told me a lot of ppl actuelly did want to fight, but it was cool cuz no one did anything. So yeah, all and all it was a pretty good night, Talked to Jamison, and Pat and all them, chilled with J-Rod for a while, lol holy fuck, dont get me started on J-Rod. Oh god he went up to any random person and asked them if they wanted to make out, and he got like 7 ppl some guys, some girls, mostly girls, but still, fuck man he was tanked. Drank way too fast again, but anyway, I dont think the did anything major, or anything too stupid. Ah, Im kidna gettin tired, I should prolly go now, but fuck I cant sleep now, it'll ruin my day, i'll just try to push it out till 2night, then just sleep alot 2night. that oculd make good sence eh? Uhh well, Im gonna go do that, try to find something constructive to do, Maybe Barett will call me to go to the beach, he said he was going to yesturday, but I dont think he will, anyways, we'll see what happens. L8a days.


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