Sunday, June 19, 2005

Car Theft?

So I just got told!!!! alright, from the beginning this is how the story goes... I got off work 2day at 6:40, Biked home in the rain, no problems there, had a shower , good time, got out of the shower and my rents told me that they were going to a "friends place" and they'd be there till around 12:30 or so. So me being the smart guy that I am, I figured I could take the other car for a while and have it back by around 11:30ish just for something to do. So I head out to Chris and Baretts place and chill there. So im having a good time and stuff, and then the worst sound in the world happens, O Canada starts a ringing... Now O Canada is the best National anthem in the world, but when you hear it coming from my phone, it means only one thing, my parents are calling. Once I heard that I knew I was fucked, oviously they got home and saw that the car was missing and me bing the only one still at the house(Dave moved to Alberta, and Sara's in Europe) they knew it was me. So right then I knew there was no way out of it. But we formulated a good plan that I fallowed through on. My story was Jamison came over and we chilled for a while till Pat called and asked us if we coudl get him a ride home from work, to which I said that Jamison could drive my rents car and pic him up, so thats what I told my mom and she flipped shit!!! Said all this stuff like if we got into an accident that the cops would think he stole the car, and he didnt have insurance and all that shit. Which is total bullshit, but thats besides the point. But anyway, the point is, my rents are dirty tricky little bastards who plan these things just to fuck me over, The End.


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