Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Poster putterupper?

An other work day goes by, wake up at 8, go to work for 9, work till around 11-12 and get a 1 hour break, come back to work till 5, not a bad day, then went to Barett and Chris' place, chilled wiht chris for a while, ohhhh put up some rockin posters EVERYWERE!, in corners, upside down, ceilings, corners, evyerhting they rocked!, but yeah, then barett came home, and he wasnt mad wich was kool, we though he would be because of all the staples, but yeah its all good.... now im at home, its only 10:28, but im kinda tried, prolly cuz Laura was here last night from like 6 till 12, and... WOW, thats all I can really say about that was, WOW!!!!, yeah, well ending on that note im out, l8a days


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