Monday, June 13, 2005

Shitty Exams

So my last exam is 2morrow. Damn chemistry, I still don't know why I took it, but oh well, its the end of the year, and I need atleast a 58% on this exam just to get the credit, but the good thing is everyone is rooting for me, including my crazy ass teacher Mr. Theirocaugh(how ever you speel his name). Hes one crazy mofo, but i'll not get into that. But yeah, Laura helped me study all night 2night... well by all night I mean from 6:30ish till nowish(10:ish) but I bet around an hour or so of that wasnt really studying chemistry.... i'll leave it at that. But yeah after 2morrow im done of high school, well if I pass of corse, but heres to hope... L8a day.


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