Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Monday night

So I wrote my chemistry exam this afternoon. Thers no way I got that credit! holy shit i'll be lucky to get a 50% on that exam, but anyway, whats done is done, I cant do anything about it now. So I came home to an empty house and a note on counter from my rents reading " your father and I are gone to Halifax to drop Sara off to her flight to Europe. We're going to check in on tony aswell, we'll be back sometime after 12:00, Mom"so thats how awsome my summer started!!!so I waited until Laura came online and I talked to her, told her the good news that I had the whole house to myself until 12, to which its now 12:30 and Laura left maybe 10-20 minutes ago. All and all it was an untopable night! Laura came over and we got to hang out for a good long time, then at around 9ish we went outside for a nice calm "breather" and then came inside made fun of some of my old pictures. then went back downstairs and talked to some ppl on MSN, chilled a bit longer then she went home, all that leaving me here. Wow, I guess im still feelin' it. Well thats all she wrote, L8a days.


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