Saturday, June 18, 2005


Now, I may be a little bit drunk...but im damn sure of the things im gonna say. Laura, damnit I really really like you... like not just normal like you, I mean really really really like you. And I really mean that, like i've had girlfriends before, and stuff, but they dont even compare to you,I dont even mean for the ovious reasons of you being older, and way more mature, But also in the sence that I can actuelly talk to you for hours on end, that we can talk about the most crazy and dumb shit and not feel too awkward. Like whats that all about? the fact that we can actuelly talk about things. what does that mean? I cant talk to girls about some of the stuff we've talked about before. But your different,,, I know im gonna end up doing something soo fucking stupid to lose you, and I really hope I dont, but im sorry... I really want to appologize now, cuz I really dont deserve you. I know i've told youthtat before, but its soo true, you must know it. I know you told me that me just being me is why you like me, but that doesnt make sence, no one likes me for being me, im just not a likeable person. Uh, theres lots more i'd like to say, but really, I dont think I can do it right now. Im still kinda really drunk, but anyway, I just want you to know I love you, and I really do want to be with you for a long time, I like you, your company, and everything you have to offer me, I only wish I had as much to offer you back, i'll do anything for you, I want you to know that. Anyways, love ya, Matt.


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