Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I guess things arent looking that bad...

Well I just got in from Pats place, its now 3:30ish. And 2day was a pretty successfull day. Well this morning was pretty boring, I woke up at like 11, then did shit all till around 1:30 when my mom left, so I drove the car around for a bit, then visited Jamison at his place, just for somethign to do. Which was kool cuz I got to see his lazy ass stoned to shit cutting his huge lawn wiht his ride on lawn mower, it was a pretty awsome sight. Then I drove home and waited to my mom to get back and drive me to work. Which was kool cuz I got to skate for that little amount of time, then work kinda sucked alot, just cuz im working with all these new ppl and there is this one guy Chris who is such a fucking complainer, fuck, he wont do shit when you ask, then says shit like he wasnt trained or some shit. Like he fucked up like 3 pizzas, so we moved him to Pasta, there he fucked up like 6 pastas, so we sent him to prep and he was all pissed about it. like what the fuck. But anyway, James and I shut the place down later on and we were fine. Then Laura drove me home, which was kool, just to talk to her for a bit, ya know in person, without work and stuff. But yeah that was kool then I went online and looked up some M.A stuff, which was awsome cuz I just searched videos on Limewire and got a shitload of kool vids, some training vids of some "shaolin wushu ninja" thing, which was pretty kool, and some other shit im too lazy to write. After getting through a couple vids Pat came online and I asked him if he wanted to do something, and since he didnt have to work 2morrow, he asked if I wanted to go over so I did, and once I got there, we went out side and smoked a bowl, just Pat and I , just like the old times, it was great, then we went inside and chilled and watched some T.V. I must say it was a good time, now I really really cant wait to move out. So yeah, all in all, the shitty day was totally forgotten by an awsome night. And hopefully i'll be seing Batman Begins after work 2morrow with Pat, then hopefully Laura will be done at the exact same time the movies out, then maybe i'll chill with her, thats how my plans going now, lets just hope it works out, heres to hopin.


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