Monday, June 20, 2005

Sooo bored, summer is falling apart already...

Uhh, its 2:14PM, i've been sitting at home for the past 4 hours since woke up. I've done absolutely nothing 2day besides talk to like 3 ppl on MSN. Holy fuck I cant believe that im actuelly looking forward to work, just for something to do. Uhh, but anyway, the reason this title says "summer is falling apart already" is because theres nothing to fucking do, its already been a week into sumer and I've seen my friends like once, maybe twice, and it was for around 10 mins each time, that plus I dont get to see Laura as much as I did when I was still in school. like what the fuck!? Isnt summer time the time to see your friends more often? hang out with the girlfriend even more? Fuck, I think my friends are mad at me cuz they dotn return my phone calls/txt messages, and Laura never wants to do anything anymore either, so what am I supposed to do? what is there to do? I better start my ninja training soon or else im just gonna be a fat blob of shit by the time summer ends.

But yeah on the topic of Ninja, I think im convinced now that if I can find an actuel ninja master in like China or some crazy shit like that, and if I could dedicate my life to it, i'd do it 2morrow if I could. As soon as I find someone to train me, i've decided that I'd quit my job, say fuck my friends/family and everything else to go and do that. I'd be worth quitting the life im in now, what do I have going for me now? my friends? yeah maybe, but at this point they're not really to concerned about me. My girlfriend? As much as I like her, Shes gonna go on to bigger and better things, plus if she doesnt have much time for me now, it'll only become less with time. Drugs? well if I knew that I'd be trained to kill someone in one move, that'd be worth quitting everything!!! that Plus I'd love for a really good reason to quit, fuck I hate drugs/alcohol, I only turn to them because I hate life, but I guess thats why everyone does it so nevermind. So yeah I guess now my only goal in life is to become a ninja, I dont really have anything else to look forward to, so till then, I've accomplished nothing. The End.


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