Thursday, June 23, 2005

Baretts B-day

so its around 4:16 AM, im chilin at Baretts place, and everyones alseep, infact this is done, i'l talk later.

So later on this night I wrote on a piece of paper cuz I didnt want to wake anyone up with my loud typing.. it went like this.... "Well, it's 4:24AM, im lying down on Chris and Baretts kitchen floor. No one else is up. Chris is asleep in his bed, Jeff(horse) is on the pull out couch, Mike Buote is on the other couch in the T.V room, and Craig is on the couch in the comp room. And here I am on the kitchen floor, writting this. I guess im still up cuz Im still pretty "energized" cuz I took one at like 10:34, but it didnt start kickin in until around 12:ish. Which was kinda cool cuz my energy kicked in pretty late into the night. It was wierd cuz I didnt even get to fight anyone. For some reason I just wasnt in the mood. Wierd eh?
So, lots of shit went down 2night. THe whole Jeff and Morgan thing... Fuck im not gonna start, but she really threw him for a loop, Poor guy man. Thats all Im gonna say on that topic.
But yeah I gotta work in like 4 and a half hours. It might to be that bad, or it could be very deadly. Considering I have to go to this stupid graduation rehersal shit. Fuck right after work I gotta go to that shit , still tweakin i'll have to do shti for an other hour. Fuck, I dont know what im gonna do here for the next 4 hours. Well I guess 3 since im gonna wake up at 8. Ah well, things will fall into place. Ohh speeking of, I talked to Laura 2night. Not really about anything that I wanted to talk to her about, but I just mjade sure that she's happy, and if there was anything wrong that she could tell me, but thankfully enough, things are going well, shes's happy, im ahppy, were happy 2gether, and I think things will only get better whe3n I move out. She said she'd come by whenever! Whish is awsome cuz thats just what I wanted. Like when I get off work or something , i'll just go home, have a shower, and go tot bed, and she'll just stop by and have a nice snooze with me, should be kool, I think that'll just be a step up from where we are now. HOpefully things will get a bit more seroiouse. Not in the way your thinking. But in the other way,lol, anyways,.... Im kinda running out of paper, so I guess I should end this!, Well heres to Grad Party!!!!.
Finishing Time 4:39 AM Thursday June 23/05"
so yeah, thats what I wrote that night, I would have wrote it directly into my blog, but as I said, Mike was trying to get to sleep and the keyboard is too loud. the end!


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