Thursday, June 23, 2005

uhh, what a long ass day

So yet again, I didnt sleep last night, went straight to work this omrnign at 9, had a super long day, lol, but it was funny as hell cuz I was still pretty fucked up, and everyone knew it and jsut laughed along. if only they knew how fucked up I really was. Anyway, after work I went to this stupid grad rehersal thing which was funny cuz I was like 15 mins late, and when I walked in, everyone was wlaking out and I saw Jamison and Jarod, and they just yelled at me to run, so I ran outside and they met up wiht me and told me to go with them to the student parking lot. So when I got there with them, they told me that it was just a huge joke and all they were gonna do was walk into the cafeteria and listen to lots of stupid fucking speeches, so Jamison and Jarod went home and I went to get my tux with my mom. After I got my tux Patrick Toole, Josh Sellar, Sebastian, and Max called me asking if I could get them alcohol for 2morrow night. So I called Laura and she agreed to get it for them, and we did just that. Then afterwords I went to Lauras place for a bit, and after sitting there for like 5 mins, we got bored so we decided to rent a movie. So we rented the original Amity Vill Horror, it wasnt too bad, but not half as scary as the new one. Anyway, Laura left not too long ago, and I think Im gonna head to bed now I gotta work in the morning. L8a days.


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