Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tuesday, my day off.

Well its tuesday, and I woke up this morning at 7AM so me and Laura could wake up Morgan to take her home, but we just lied in bed, I think Barett took Morgan home, anyways Laura left at around 10ish, and she forgot her phone at my house, and like 2 mins after she left her mom called her cell. Of corse I didnt answer it, but funny enough Lauras mom called my cell right after that, so when i picked up I just said that Laura left like 10 mins ago t0 her house. I hope she doesnt get into any trouble. Anyway yeah, so yesturday was fucked, I hurt my ancle soo bad!!!! its soo soo sore 2day, but I didnt feel most of it last night cuz I was soo drunk of Tiquila, and we smoked a shitload of pot in my room, it was soo sweet, everyone in there was soo stoend, Chris, Barett, Morgan, Me, Laura, Adam, and prolly others I cant really remember. but then they all left and me and Laura just pased out solid! didnt even do anythign we were both just soo fuckign tired, it was awsome. anyway, after she left I pretty much just fell asleep till around 1ish when I smoked a joint to myself, then fell back asleep till Chris woke up at around 3, then we smoked like 3 more joints and 2 bowls. Now were just waiting in pizza, but dotn worry, Barett and I are going to drill that hole in the floor so I can get the internet in my rooom finally, then i'll be able to update this daily, or even twice daily. anyway, I'll catch ya later, l8a days.


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