Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Going back to work 2morrow

Uhh, Dreading going back to work 2morrow, these past 2 days off have been soo free!!! But 2morrow kicks off a harsh week. 9AM-8PM shifts for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, then Saturday its 9AM-11PM, a good little 14 hour shift should be fun, fuck. Well I guess its money, and thats what I need/want, so its all good and worth it in the end. So yeah I did prety much shit all all day 2day again, except Dave got here 2day, awsome!!! And Laura came over around 8ish, and its now 1:24AM and she left like 10 mins ago, so.... yeah an other good night with her, got to talk things out again,(always good to do, keeps everything in order, makes sure nothing unexpected pops up). But yeah, its good to be able to talk to her too, It really prevents future problems I find, but anyway, I doubt we'll have any. So yeah I guess theres not too much to report really, Works work, and this weekend is gonna be full of it , and full of partying, I just hope I dotn get fired for being to fucked up for my 14 hour shift on saturday, I know I'll still be messed up, fuck!!! Ah well, we'll see how it goes.. anyway, till then.... l8a days


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