Monday, June 27, 2005

A Nice first day off

Wow, its now 10:01 AM on Monday June 27th. I got home yesturday from work around 9ish, which wasnt too bad, considering I worked an 11 hour shift on 3ish hours of sleep and had to bike there and back, but it was all good. So I got home and just crashed solid!, well, around 11ish that is, I tried my hardest to get ahold of my friends to go out and do something so I could stay awake that much longer but it was no use. Jamison was at a Graduation BBQ, and Pat didnt answer, and I knew Laura was with Allyson so I figured why not sleep? so thats what I did, and damn it felt some good!!!!!! Actuel, Real, SLEEP!!!, felt soo good, well till around 8something when my phone rang. Fuck I was just thinking "Who the fuck is calling me at 8somethin on my first fucking day off..." But anyway, it was Kim,(my prom date,lol) and she wasnt happy at all... The good thing was it wasnt my fault or anything like that, (I dont think she read the e-mail I wrote her yet, which is good cuz that coulda made thigns a bit different) but yeah she had lost her wallet at grad party. And once she told me this I was like "well, honestly, what can I do here?"I didnt say that but I was thinking it. Like really, what could I do? I told her I'd ask my friends and stuff but thers no guarentees, but yeah she managed to ramble for like 10 mins(fucking taking up 10 of my day time But yeah anyway, so thats done and done, and Im here now sitting on my comp, doing nothing, trying to get some energy up so I can cut my lawn for my dad, fuck I really dont want to do it, but I guess I already told him I would, so I should prolly get to it. Anyway, Im gonna go do that then take a long ass shower then head back to bed, so anyway, thats my plan for now, so I guess I'll write more later...


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