Saturday, December 08, 2012

Spit It Out!!!!!

So I finally looked up the lyrics to Spit It Out by Slipknot.... I told Cory a while ago that I would sing that song with  him and his band for the next Span Zan Fest next summer....  I may have bitten off more than I can chew... Like I've loved this song for a very long time now, and I pretend to sing along when its playing, but I totally forgot about just how fast it was!!!! Like all Slipknot songs its fast, but the vocals are especially fast...  and its a more vocal orientated song... so I'll have to be bang on.... this is gonna be so hard, but I'm looking forward to the challenge,,,, I'm gonna write out all the lyrics, and start bringing my ipod to work and just play that song over and over again, and work on singing along... I figure I have a little over 8 months to perfect it, and I'm sure we'll start actually practicing it in 4 or 5 months... I'd like to practice with the band for a good while before the show... its one thing to sing along to the track, but a live band will be totally different.   and infront of ppl too.... not to sure how that'll go... haahhaha,,, but anyway.....
So its getting kinda close to Christmas.... here it is December the 8th.... I've only bought 2 parts of Emily's present.... I still wanna get a few more small things, and I also have to get a bunch of little stuff for her stocking.... so yeah, I have some stuff to do still.... although Emily pretty much took care of buying Christmas presents for all the families,,, so thats sweet, and she wrapped them all up and everything,,, we'll probably send those out sometime early this coming week...  then yeah,, I guess we have less than a month till we fly back to PEI.... that should be awesome!!!!   Not gonna be there for actual Christmas this year,,, but shortly after, so it should still be good.... and we're also pushing back Ises Night this year!!! so thats gonna be fantastic!!!! Cannot wait for that!!!! its gonna be on the 4th of January this year,,, a day after Emily and I arrive.... so hopefully we'll still be on Alberta time and be able to stay up and partying all night!!!
But anyway, I should get going,,, I'm supposed to finish up our thank you cards from our wedding,,, I did one yesterday and it was hard!~!!! hahah, but whatever, its gotta get done... So yeah,,, till the next time
L8a Days...


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