Thursday, September 06, 2012

wednesday night

So here it is on Wednesday night,,, I'm just sitting at the edge of the living room to the patio having a smoke,,,, getting ready for bed.... It was an ok day today... I didn't really accomplish much at work,,, but it didn't really matter... I think I'm starting to finally adopt their slow working attitude... like I'm actually taking as much time as they think I should take... lol,,, like today,,, I could have easily finished those 3 wear rings, 2 throat bushings, and that one rework wear ring.... but then I wouldn't have anything to do tomorrow.... so I left the 2 big wear rings for tomorrow morning.... gives me something to do first thing..... So yeah, then after work, I came home,,, talked to Emily for a short bit.... then watched an episode of sons of anarchy... getting crazy now... episode 9 of season 3.
Anyway.... I realised at work today that this is my last weekend here before I go back home.... man that's coming a lot faster that I thought it would.... I knew it would kick into high gear at the 2 week mark,,, but now it just seems ridiculously close.... tomorrow is thursday.....  then friday I get rides to work with cory, and the days are usually interesting,,,,,  saturday sunday will be my last sleep in days in the king sized bed alone..... wow.... thats crazy.......  Then yeah, 4 days next week and I'm off to PEI on a plane friday morning at 8 AM.....   Its going to be a crazy time!!!!  But yeah, like Emily said, we are going to do so many things in the next month.... like one month from now, so much will have happened!!!, I'm going to try to write in this once a day during my entire trip to PEI,, and as much as I can on the drive back out here....  which should also be an awesome time!!!!  but yeah, thats time to come,,,, I should be updating about times that have passed.... but maybe another time,,, its getting to my bed time now... so I should be leaving,,, so with that.. I'm gone....
L8a Days...


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