Thursday, September 13, 2012


So,,, Wednesday now.... only 2 more sleeps till I fly back home... getting pretty friggen excited. I gotta say...  Although there has been some issues come up in the past few days, its nothing we can't get by.... finer details kinda stuff,,,  But yeah, we`re still stoked to see each other this friday.... man the next week is going to be so busy!!! I`ve got a lot of shit to take care of... Gotta get my groomsmen some wedding gifts, get my tux, marriage license, rehersals, writing and finishing my vows, ..., Just a bunch of stuff... then yeah, the actual wedding next saturday... so yeah,, it should be a good tirp home, I`m really looking forward to it... I highly doubt I`ll be able to write in this much, but I`ll try whenever I can,,, Keep my vacation documented as best I can... it would be sweet to write in once a day again,, just quick updates and such... but yeah, for now I`m gonna have a quick smoke, then off to bed,, hopefuly sleep off this headache I`ve been dealing with for the day,,, Then 2morrow I`m off to a crane and riggin course,,, Gibby is supposed to pick me up tomorrow morning at quarter to 8,,,, this should be an interesting drive.... hahaha, Gibby is like a border line alcoholic from Ireland,,, so he`s pretty fun/funny to talk to.... So yeah, with that, I'm gonna head out for now,, so till the next time...
L8a Days...


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