Monday, July 25, 2005

Its now 1:23PM

lol, its 123. anyway, its sunday afternoon, and im sitting at home, alone,bored to fuck!!! im just waiting till 4 oclock so I can finally get my tattoo, fuckin psycked!!! anyway, yeah, so that should be fun, and I gues Jamison is finally trying to come over, cuz he has the next like 5 days off, so maybe i'll see him a bit, that should be kool.
Yeah , well I guess I had a crazy couple of days, its been kool tho, crazy new shit happenin everyday, but yeah, I dont really know what im going on about, its omnly 125 PM and im already, I started drinkin when I woke up this mornign and no one was home so I figured why nto drink, so i've downed a bottle of wine, smoked a few bowls and now im set for the day, so anyway, till later... l8a days...


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