Sunday, July 24, 2005


Hey, wowo, well, woww, real,ly, what ever im saying right now is just prety muich happenning. Well, its now 3:54AM in the morning, and im pretty fucked, Barett, Jeff, Tony, and Craig are upstairs, craigs passed out, and Tony too, Barett and Jeff are playing some devil May Cry 3, Wow, but yeah Barett and I had a crazy night, well maybe he dindt quite have such a qrazy night as mine, but ya know, Fuck, yeah it was nuts, we had a good long talk about like Laura and Morgan, and life and a whole bunch of kool shit. stuff bout like.... uhh, relally I cant type it, but ya know.... right now life is pretty good., I must say, like a night like 2night is just what i needed. I think that my life is actuelly really good right now, I go to work a shitload(I.e, like 55 hours a week, not too shabby) then come home every signle day to a joint, and some TV/comp and stuff, but when the weekends come, wow, Laura just stayed last night, and wow!!!! WOW!!! uhhh, wow, thats all really, wow, WoW, WOWOWOWW, just hinkingin about it... anyway, wow, so yeah, Barett and I had a good time in Morgans hot tuib with her and Laura, then we went to the Trampoline, that was pretty damn coool too, then we chilled in her place,(huge fucking how(to wich Barett and I felt wierd., (long story)))) but yeah and watchign Morgan and Lauras "fun times" when they were drunk sledding

(Morgan and Laura are some crazy weird chicks I've come to realize... Like really, they are like as kool as like guys go IN like how they act and think., but they're ridiculusly hot and sexy, and attractive, and everyrthying, like holy crap the beautifulness is unreal!, but they're soo kool about it too, so its a crazy mix, and for some reason she likes me, and it fits soo well. thats all I can really say right now, but like wow, shes just soo perfect, and like , were fitting together soo well, uhhh, yeah, but yeah, anyway, I should prolly stop now before I get too carried away)

yeah, so after Laura and morgans place, Barett and I went home to our place to find an empty house.... but it turns our Tony, Craig, Jeff, and Brad went for a "walk" so now thery're all back and passed out, well Brad went home, Craig is passed out upstairs on the couch and so is Tony, and Jeff is playing some divil May Cry 3, now Barett is behind me and were gonn aplay some TFC. L8a days....


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