Sunday, July 31, 2005

OMG im soo fuckign stupid

Its now 6:21 AM, and I just remembered about my blog:P, fuck I wish I had of been writtting in this all night, fuck I've been soo damn bored all fucking night, well, lets seee, how should we start.....
So I woke up this morning next to Laura, ....wait, it goes before that..
So Jeff had a party at his place last night, Laura and I went out and got pretty drunk, I had a fair amount of drinks with the combination of exhaustion from no sleep made it a really crazy night, hard to remember, and harder to do if I can remember correctly. anyway, so we got back to my house at around 4ish, so Laura and I passed right the fuck out and slept solid till 8 this mornign when my alarm went off, so she went home and showered and shit, and I went to work for 9, had a shitty morning of really tiredness, then got let off at like 1ish, then I went back to wrok for 5 and of corse I had to close too, so here I am running on like no sleep, so near the end of work at around 10ish mitch finally stopped by and gave me my goodies, so I had 2 of those and they're keepin me up. of corse 2night just has to be the 1 night that absolutely no one shows up to my house, like I mean no one!!! not even upstairs!!!! its fucking saturday, where the hell is everyone!?!?! anyway, I did so much runnign around 2night to mitchs, then back here, then back there, uuhh, it was a prety kool night tho, they're some pretty crazy fucks up there in browns court, all of mitchs friends, and mitch too for that matter. Anyway, its comin on 7ish, LOL!!! MITCH JUST CALLED ME!!!! ITS FUCKING 6:28!!!! anyway, sorry that was just kool, so yeah I think Im gonna go to work, and drink a shitload of coffee and help james set up. But yeah, I dunno, I was thinking a lot more on some hardcore indepth things 2night, but they might take some tiem to get into, and I dont think half an hour would be enough time to try to describe them all. So yeah... oh god, work is gonna suck soo fucking bad 2day, lol,
I really gotta stop.... Fuck, Im surprised my body hasnt collapsed yet, fuck. I know all this stupid shit im doing is going to katch up with me someday, and im surprised it hasnt happened yet, uhh, im sure my mind and body will royally fuck me up after 2day is over,... Uhh, just Torture!!!! fuck it, im going to read Morgans blog. L8a days...


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