Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Your Darkest Hour Could Be Your Finest Moment.... its a quote from this new movie coming out called "The Guardian".... Looks pretty good, but that last little quote is awsome.... I just thought I should write it down to remember it...
Anyway, I had 2day off.... ANd I really didnt do anything, it was kinda boring.... Then I hung out wiht Josh and Jarod and SHane, so it turned out good, now I think im gonna head to bed... L8a Days..

Sunday, August 06, 2006

V For Vendetta

Inspiring movie I must say... To anyone who's seen it, it is not a just some stupid "super hero" political crap that I think most people see it for...... For people like me,,, we see Inspiration.... To find something to fight for, something worth fighting for....

Uhhh, I just tottally lost my train of thought... and Im kinda getting tired.. I might go to sleep so I can enjoy my day off 2morrow... l8a days...

AUG 7/ 04

I know exactly what I was doing 2 years ago and 1 day... Man what a night that was... Im serious in saying that I'll most likely never do some things that I did that night ever again... And really.. it kidna sucks... cuz that was prolly the most fun I've ever had doing the things we did.... Wow. I Had to mention it sometime, cuz atleast I can honestly say I've done that, and most people cant..... All thanks to you Emily T... If theres 1 thing that I could take from Emily and give to other girls... It'd be her kinkyness... Man she loved to try some new stuff..... It was great... But yeah, anyway, had to mention this whole thing, cuz on the night of Augest 7th 2004, I spent pretty much the night at Em's cottege, and I must say, it was ...... amazing... I guess thats proly the best word for it... .anway, .... Hope she reads this some time...lol, anyway, l8a days...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Good Song...

Misery Signals... They're pretty damn hardcore,,, but if you like that kind of music, you'll love this... they lyrics are great aswell....

The Year Summer Ended In June
This time was our summer
It was something no one could take from us
Sometimes that night seems so close
Like I could hold it
You said alright we'll be fine
But how could we have known
Do you remember
Roll down the window and let in night air
I always thought we'd be together
You say.. You said that we'd never gone this way before
I must not let you die
Your memory survives
I..Hope that tonight things are fine
As I lay awake
The light cuts the southern sky
And that glass stings my lungs
These scars they will always remind me of you
And how you are always with me
But.... Your With Me
Your With ME
You are with me
ALways will be
Won't you stay and be with me tonight Tonight
Don't you know i tried to find those pictures with no light
I lost them as I lost you I lost them as I lost you
Waiting to see and be with you again with you again
Wishing the best for you my lost firend
To hear you laugh one last time
I hope you know I tried to find those pictures Jordo
Of us that night in Detroit with The Preshure Point
And I I now feel the need to fly
And I I now feel the need to hide inside your loving arms
Man i swear I'd give the whole things up for you
Yeah, so Its pretty fucking awsome... I like it anyways... SO yeah, I dont really have much to say, I know I havent written in a while, and I should prolly update, but I really didnt do too much recently.... Anyway, Theres a family BBQ 2morrow, and TOny's gonna be there, so it should be cool... I just hope its not too hot so I can wear long sleeves to cover up for the relitives.... AHh well, we'll find out 2morrow I guess... L8a days...