Sunday, August 06, 2006

AUG 7/ 04

I know exactly what I was doing 2 years ago and 1 day... Man what a night that was... Im serious in saying that I'll most likely never do some things that I did that night ever again... And really.. it kidna sucks... cuz that was prolly the most fun I've ever had doing the things we did.... Wow. I Had to mention it sometime, cuz atleast I can honestly say I've done that, and most people cant..... All thanks to you Emily T... If theres 1 thing that I could take from Emily and give to other girls... It'd be her kinkyness... Man she loved to try some new stuff..... It was great... But yeah, anyway, had to mention this whole thing, cuz on the night of Augest 7th 2004, I spent pretty much the night at Em's cottege, and I must say, it was ...... amazing... I guess thats proly the best word for it... .anway, .... Hope she reads this some, anyway, l8a days...


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