Sunday, July 16, 2006

2Morrow... A Day Off...

Yup, so 2morrow is my day off, and man, its going to be nice... well Its like 2:00AM now, and I doubt I'll be goign to sleep for a little bit... and I dunno really what time Emily's going to call me 2morrow, It doesnt really matter, cuz I'll be up and ready in no time.... But yeah I should get on to telling what i've been up to for the past few days...
OK so its sorta sunday morning now... but lets seee... Thursday after work I went to Jake and Brads place.... We just got baked and stuff but went to bed half early cuz they both had to work in the morning... anyway after they left me at their place with just Mitch I slept for a bit.... ended up going to work to get a bite to eat, but ended up just going to work 5 hours before my shift... It was ok I worked for 3 hours till around 3:00PM to which I clocked out and went to the basement and slept.... Slept on the freezer till 5 when they woke me up to go to work... So after work on Friday I went to Jakes place again and we got pretty damn baked all night that night.... nothing special happened... Then Saturday I woke up at their place and got soo soo baked all day till I ended up going to work(extremely still fried!!!).. They all knew and I didnt deny it, but it still went well, no problems, and no one shitting on me for shit I didnt do... which was cool... SO yeah, then I got a bit of weed delivered to work, smoked a boul with everyone who closed with me and then got a ride home with dad.... Yup, im pretty sure he saw me putting my pipe into my bag and into my pocket, but he didnt say anything when I got into the car so... Idunno its all good I guess.... But yeah anyway, Im gonna ask Dave if he wants to go out for a smoke... I might write later on, but doubtfully... L8a Days..


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