Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Short Entries

So I've noticed that not only have I been writting less and less blogs, I've also been pretty slack with them.. Well, right now I dont overly feel like getting into that huge revelation that I was going on about last time. I kinda talked to Dave a bit about it last night, but yeah, its only like 20 to 4 and I only woke up, say, 45 mins to an hour ago. Dave and I stayed up till around... I dunno really maybe 4or something, I dunno , we watched the new Omen. It was alright, pretty creepy parts, andthat fucking kid is just fucked up,.lol, but yeah, ok, not a great movie.... But yeah before we watched taht, we got kinda desperate but scrounged up enough to smoke. Of corse stems suck and they're soo harsh on the lungs, but what ever does the trick.lol. Anwyay, walked down to the brook. so thats always a good time, eventuelly stone out soo much that you dont realise neither of you are talking or smoking... Just both listening to the soft sound of running water(Very relaxing). Anyway, yeah, thats mostly what I did last night/this mornign... Ohh yeah, besides the fact that I got called into working yesturday at 4,then went to the guys place around 10 when I got off and watched that Monstrocity of a hockey game.
So Yeah, I dunno what exactly Im gonna do 2day, but I know I gotta work 2morrow night 5-close. Anyway, thats about it I guess... so till the next time, L8a days...


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