Monday, June 05, 2006

My Sleep is Out of Wack!!!

So its 4:32Am and I just woke up for prolly the 5th or 6th time.... I dunno relaly what time it was when I went to bed, before 12 for sure... but I guess I only got up around 2PM earlyer on Sunday... Uhhh sooo.... My night on Saturday.... Well I must say I thought it was giong to be a bigger party!!! Really I did.,... but that doesnt mean that I dindt have fun!!! Man.. it ended up being a pretty damn good time.... Lots of people went to the Bars later on in the night... but not Jamison and I.... Ohh no, we fuckign wrestled for hours,, and I mean literally, like we were wrestling when they left for the bars, and a bit after when they all got back.... it was funn, but shit dude, I was fucking sore when I woke up sunday.... My fist is still a bit swolen too from playing Superman... But yeah, we ended up smoking alot, and drinking even more... But anyway yeah.... Ohh I bought a sweet sweet new bong the other day... Saturday for the party... It was fuckign awsome!!! And for buying that, Wild Impulse is giving me a free glass pipe in July!!! its one of those "if you spend more then X$$$ we'll give you a free pipe!!!" thing.... anyway, im not complaining,, I get a free glass pipe next month!!!!

Ohh Yeah, On a shitty shitty shitty note.... I get a medical on Wednesday.... Or something like that, I have to go to my family doctor and they're going to give me a whole bunch of tests.... And personally, I'd really rather fuck off.. Fuck that shit, I dont want to get examined for them to tell me I have a million things rong with me and they're going to perscribe me some crazy shit... Fuck that!!! I'd rather not!! Plus hes going to ask me a shitload of questions like,,, Do you smoke? what the fuck do I say to that? HOnestly!!! I dont smoke cigaretts or tabacoo but I smoke weed more then most people do smoke cigs,,,, So yeah I guess I do smoke? Like come on.... And I know hes going to ask me if I've ever done any hard drugs... I only know this because he asked Dave when he went in for his "checkup"... and what should I tell him? Ohh yeah, I've done... well lets see,,, what havent I done ..... Umm lets just say yes.... Fuck.... Anyway, that plus im sore as fuck, and mylungs are royally shot from saturday.... so I'll be wheezing like fuck when im trying to tell him I dont smoke.... Anyway,, im just kinda bummed out about that whole fucking thing... Plus I finally spent the last upon last of my money the other day!!! So I have absolutely no cash at all till I get a job... Ohh shit yeah... Speaking of that, I was supposed tocall April at 5 on Saturday.... and I still havent called her... FUCK!!! there goes my one and only job oppertunity! Fukc fuck fuck,, I might call her 2day.. maybe even go in if I can,,, although it looks like its going to be a rainy one.... Although it could be too early to tell.... Anyway,, yeah,So I guess thats all I really have to bitch at for now.. Well, im gonna try to find somethign to do instead of trying to sleep... L8a days...


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