Saturday, May 27, 2006

Josh Lindsays B-Day!!!

Yup, so its 3:47 AM, and I just got home from terrrorizeing the town of Cornwall with Kevin MacQuaid!!!, "Try Our Breasts" is what the sign in cornwall on the Pizza Delight sign will say..... Aswell as, I have a new Canadian flag, and my friend has a PEI sign. I thought we made it out to be a good nigth!!! ohh yeah, and the party was fun too, but joshs mom wasnt happy at the amount of ppl and the sound level... so the party was cut short. its all good tho, Kev and I didnt stop after the party died. Infact, we were out for like 2 hours after the party was out, lol. Kev even split his head open, I hope he doesnt get an infection from that fucking rusty nail cutting his forhead open... he should be alright tho... anyway, im fucking sweating like a bitch, and tired as fuck, plus my head is pounding for some reason... uhhh, anyway, im out, l8a days...


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