Sunday, May 14, 2006

so my b-day night was ok

Yeah, its now saturday night, but i'll get to that in a sec.... SO for my birthday night I got pretty drunk before we even left the house... We went to doolys, played some pool, they got me even more and more drunk... then they all decided they didnt feel like going out anywere that night, so Jeff and I walked down to Mojos to go see Chris, saw him for a while till everyone showed up and decided to go home. so I figured fuck those fuckers, so I ran to Mitchs place, lol, I woulda raced everyone back to the house if I didnt stop and chill there for a bit. But anyway I headed to the house after that to find like no one there, so I passed out... Anyway I woke up at like 10 this morning (saturday) and went to mitchs and chilled there all day again really, got some beer, drank a big, BBQ'd, then got a ride home, to which Dave fucking blew up on me, like I still have no idea what the fuck his problem is or even what I supposedly did... But he was just saying shit like I spit in his face or some shit last night, and I have nofucking clue what hes going on about but ayway, the fucking deuche is being a fucking prick about him and "his friends" so Im just gonna say fuck it, and dont hang around with any of "his friends" when hes aroudn, and if he tries to hang out with "my friends" Im going to blow up on him, fucking rip him apart for all his stupid bullshit! Anyfuckingway.... So yeah I decided not to go out 2night, cuz I figured hed be a fucking bitch about the whole fucking thing again so I chilled at Jamisons place wiht him and Anna for the night.... SO yeah, I guess Im gonna head to bed, its only 3:30 but who cares.... Yeah, l8a days....


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