Friday, April 14, 2006

Its Good friday...

SO when ever I decide to go to work, lol yeah I missed 4 busses so far 2day, I'll be making 30$ an hour... so if I work 8 hours 2day i'll be getting paid 240$! Not bad eh? Well, thats if I ever decide to go to work... I woke up this morning at 4:20 (like always) but I was tired and lazy so I layed in bed till around 5:15(when Im usually catching the bus to work) then I had my shower and some breakfast(made myself some eggs and toast this morning) and then I started looking for my morning bowl when I realized Mark Leard was passed out on our couch wiht his laptop open and running on the floor. so here I am using his comp and the internet, ahahahaha.
Anyway I was just checking out Morgans blog for a sec, and I saw this quote in the top right hand corner of her blog... And wow, Morgan if you thought of this by yourself, its fuckign amazing! seriously, and if not, wow still, good find... anyway, here it is, think about each line before you go to the next..

You've got to take the good with the bad,
Smile with the sad,
Love what you got and remember what you had.
Learn to forgive but never forget,
Learn from your mistakes but never regret,
People change things go wrong,
Just remember life goes on...

Anyway, it could just be my morningness, but I havent even smoked anything yet... anyway, thanks again Morgan, 2day will be an automatic good day,,,, thanks for starting it off soo well,,, l8a days....


Blogger Morgy said...

no problem matt! I love it too, and no I didn't write it... I actually forget where I even found that now..

10:36 a.m., April 14, 2006  

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