Sunday, March 12, 2006

Baretts Laptop has the NET!!!

So im on Baretts laptop right now in my apartment, at 9:01AM!!!everyone else is still passed out wich is fine, im just glad I have the internet for something to do... So yeah, another shitty weekend goes by, fuck. Friday night everyone went out, and they forgot me yet afuckingain. I told them I wanted to sleep a bit before we went out, and I gave them money for my liquor and shit, whatever... then when I wake up, no one is in the apartment, no note nothing, and there was my quart of Run on the counter.... So what did I do? worked out solid for a while till I was too tired to move, then I smoked some of daves weed without him, or his permission cuz I was that pissed they left me behind again!!!... Anyway, then last night we went to this place called the Iron prolly coulda/woulda been a relaly good time, but unfortunetly we didnt move after standing in line for around half an hour to 45 mins.... so we went home and got more drunk and did fuck all for the rest of the night.... And 2day, well I dont know what they have planned... Dave wants to pick up a guitar. I really dont know what to do. I think I thought of osmething yesturdya that I wanted to buy, but I cant remeber what it was.... Ohh yeah, I bought this sweet hat and sunglasses yesturday.. THe sunglasses are pretty cool I think, and the hat, well it says I love pot on it and its bright, so ofcorse it fits me well I thought.... ohh yeah, thats what it was, im going to get all the pictures we've taken ina while developed.... and somehow, i'll find a way to get them onthis comp, and somehow put them on here.... Ya never know I miht get a digital camera or somethign someday soon.. well I have some cash for it now, but I should start saving...!!!we'll see,, if something hits me.... Anyways, i've been hearing some interesting information about Jarod thats leading me to believe some crazy things... Man, I dont want to lose that guy!!! God damnit, after I lost my girlfriend who else did I have to turn to. He was always there for me when I needed him back in the day, Now.... now what... Fuck J-Rod, if you can read this buddy, find me. Uhh anyway,,, I have different information from different ppl coming in all the time, yet still I havent heard from jarod in too long.... and now my phone is too fucked up to use,,,it could be him calling over and over again.... I'll get a new one soon, dont worry guys....... Anyway, Im going to e-mail that Jarod guy again just to see if I get somethign back someday this week... so yeah, till later, l8a days...


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