Sunday, April 09, 2006

last night, with the coworkers

Wow, man did I ever feel like royal shit this morning... Well first off I woke up at Baretts place wiht my black robe and my M&M pants on... felt like royal garbage but fell back asleep,... then at like 9:00 Dave came in and said that he needed to use a phone to call a cab for Renae, lol, thats why I stayed at baretts last night, I vaguely remember but I was soo drunk when i got home from the bars last night that I half passed out and chris was trying to get me out of the house so Dave and Renae could have the apt them themselves... so we did, but yeah..... The whole thing started just after work on friday....
We(the Spray boothe(at Innotec)(the place I work at)) decided to go to this bar called the Silver Bullet,,, so we went and smoked a J with Wayne the Welder and then who do we see walking out the back door... Rob and Dave (the guys from PTA(the bay right beside ours(the Spraybooths'))so we see them the most.) so rob smokes with us but Dave cant cuz his wife or something I dunno... anyway, we go inside and who do we see but Paul and Josh,2 more budies from work... then Like 10 more show up, Tanya, Clint, Cory, Renae, Duc, Quy, Andy, man, it was fucked, we got pretty damn wasted there for a while, then we all decided to go get some food, so Clint took us to a BP(Boston Pizza) where we ate then went to the bars right after that and got wasted!!!!!!! shit man, we all got soo drunk! it was fucked up!then we went home and the whole Renae Dave thing happened,, I woke up at baretts came back home to the apt, fucking pucked up some blood for the first itme, puked 2 more times.... passed out till like 2, woke up for awhile, played some Far Cry2, then Smoked a bit, now im feeling pretty fine. I even talked to Jarod 2day!!! told him to move to Edmonton with me next year... I think hes intregued... how ever you speel that(lol Ja-Rod!). But yeah, so thats about it, ohh yeha, I guess its still Emilys birthday!!, im going to send her an e-mail,.. lol, lame I know, buts its not her b-day on PEI, its technically sunday there, lol, shit, I only have half an hour,, l8a days...


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