Monday, May 08, 2006


Well shit.. I woke up at Evan/Jeff/Chriss place at like 8. Man my head was splitting!!! Shit man, Chris, Jeff and I went up to Mitches last night, and they got pretty fucked up. I didnt really feel like the same kinda stuff, so I just sat back and relaxed, watch them go at it for a while till we decided to go back to Jeffs place where we watched movies till we all passed out.. but anyway, after I got my cab home I just went to fucking sleep. Ended up waking up at like 4:30.. Sat around bored as fuck for a longass time, then I got a ride into "The Tattoo Shop" (old Customs) saw jeff the tattoo artist, showed him my tattoo idea, and I guess we're going to work on it this Thursday so.... HOpefully if things all go well I'll have it on thursday.. Then after that I walked around downtown for a bit, called Megan M, just to see if she wanted to hang out(saw her the night before at Jumbo) but I got her answering machine twice, so then I just walked down to Jeff/Evan/Chriss place again to find everyone passed out. So I chilled there for a bit but it was wayy too boring so I called my dad to come get me, and thus leaving me here, In cornwall on a Monday night at 10:53PM. Fuck PEI sucks for nothing to do!!!! and I know Jamison and Pat are already in Bed, aswell is most other ppl, but fuck, im not really tired, I need to find somethign to do!!!! Shit... Well anyway, I guess Im just going to ... Id unno what, but I gotta find somethign to do.,.. L8a days....


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