Friday, May 12, 2006

Got the Tattoos Yesturday!!!!!

SO yeah, finally fucking got my arms done! well the left arm is fully done(filled in and all) but the right arm just has everything fully outlinned. I get them filled in on Monday!!!! But shit yeah, I think they look fucking wicked!!!!! Shit yeah, but both of my arms are kinda swolen and sore as fuck, so 2night might be ... interesting... lol, I dunno what exactly is going on so, it should be ... yeah interesting.... But shit yeah!!! I got them. lol. And 2day I turned 19 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I get to show off the tatts 2night where ever I decide to go. But yeah, uhh, lets see what did I do the past couple of days... Well Wednesday night I passed out at Mitchs(wicked time there:P) woke up at 6:30AM, walked down to the house(my old place) to see everyone passed out, so I figured why not sleep, so I did till around 11:30, then I got some breakfast at Mikes, then walked down to "the tattoo shop"(the New Customs) and got my tattoos... Thats mostly everything excitting... Ohh yeah, and last night we (jamison and I) picked up Mark Duffy, got a 24 and brought it back to Jamison and Pats place, and between Mark and I, I thinkwe drank like 8 or so in like an hour or more,, Everyone else only had 1 each (Pat, Anna, Jamison and Dave). SO yeah, after we drank Dave and I went home cuz Jamison and Pat had 2 work 2day, and Mark just went home too... So yeah, as for 2day, I dunno whats going on exactly, but it should be a good day!!! anyways, im going to head out, I'll most likely have lots to report 2morrow.. L8a days....


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