Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Old Music...

lol, WOw, Of all the Gin Joints in the world - Fall Out Boy. just came on winamp. lol, shit yeah, anyway, I was just thinking of when I first heard that song like last summer... shit yeah good times, anyway, yeah Im just listening to some of the older tunes I have from last summer, trying to get into the summer mood. Hopefully 2night will give me a nice boost, I guess we're goign out to Peeks 2night. I havent been there before but I doubt i'll enjoy myself... Anyway, we'll see how it goes.... Yeah that was just kinda it, I dunno what else to report really here, but yeah, im tired as fuck, and goign out 2night is prolly not going to end up well, but fuck it, I gotta go out sometime... l8a days..


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