Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Days are sooo boring!!!

God Damnit!!!! SOO FUCKING BORED!!!! anyway, my fucking comp is FUCKED!!!! It wont even fully load anymore, so, fuck, im stuck useing my parents comp. So my day was extra boring 2day, seing how I didnt do a fucking thing!!! Well I guess my Laundry is almost done.... But fuck, besides taht. Anyway, im prolly gonna go out 2night, Dave and everyone are going out to the VU 2night for Kareoke. But its also Jess's Birthday 2night, and I guess shes gonna be at Hunters 2night, Im told theres gonna be a fair crowd there, so I figure I'll prolly end up there, just cuz I dont really like the VU that much, im not a dancin kind of guy, even when Im tottally wasted...Anyway, but besides that, fuck, theres nothing else really going on... Anyway, im out, I might check out Pats before I go to town,,, till 2morrow, l8a days...


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