Wednesday, July 12, 2006


2:31AM.... I just got back from a little "excursion".... Well atleast my intentions were good... See I had a plan To go out and just explore,,, Do some recon... Smoke a boul.... So upon stealthely sneeking out of my house without making any sound I creeped down my long driveway down into the streets cheking in all directions for any "unusual" objects... As my analysis reached the house direcetly paralell to Park St. I saw a figure... This figure seemed to be sitting down, she had long blond frizzy hair.... her head burried in her arms and knees as shes sitting, sulking, crying.... For why?... No time to this as 2 figures appear from the front door of this house... They're talking, just making small talk about going home as they walk toward this sulking girl at the end of the driveway.... I walk by from the other side of the street going perpendicular to their position,,, they manage to pic up the sad blond frizzy haired girl and bring her to the car just as I passed into the trees and got cover enough to be hidden... as I watched they drove away rather causually,,, turned left on the highway... Nothing else came of it...... So my endeavor continued... As I walked down this almost pitch black gravel trailway, I realize that with my ninja boots on I make close to no noise at all . . . ..... no noise at all....... as I step onto the bridge I realize if anyone or anything would try to approach me I'd hear it from a good 50 feet away... The night is still and quiet,,, Only the soft sound of the blowing wind through the trees.... The soft crackling sound of the water crashing over the rocks in the small brook beneath me feet.... I pull out my pipe and start look around one last time before I start my concentration on my hands,,,, but still my ears stand sharp for sounds for anything out of place....I cover the lighter almost completely so no light escapes into the night,,, making sure not to reveal my position to anyone.... or anything..... As I take a few puffs I start to panic.... My sences slip for only a moment and all is lost... I cant concentrate... my sight and my sounds are off... the smell, everything is gone from me... I grow weak and stale with senceless thoughts as I slowly put my pipe and other effects away.... I calmly start to pull myself back together as I start focusing on what I now must do...I steady myself as I close my eyes and listen only... Listen to Everything.... Listen to the sounds of the brook,,, The Trees,,, The Wind... My Ears are steady,,,, I open my eyes and and start to focus my eyes... Looking up from the pitch black streets into the perfectly light streets seems almost perfect for an ambush.... As I clear my eyes with my fingers so to get a crystal clear view of everything I start walking slowly making sure not to make a single sound..... I gaze behind myself every 3 to 5 paces making sure no one or nothing is following... I now see up and down the street... there's nothing in either direction... Nothing, not even the sound of a car going up or down the highway only some 100 meters away.... I move on.... I calmly walk up the street and as I come to the corner I hear it... 1... maybe 2 cars coming from the rear... I start to sprint to my ditch where I jump in and hide... Its only 1 car,,, but it slows down after it passes me some 40 meters away.... I sit and wait for someone to get out... but nothing, they just stop for a few moments then roll off.... turn left down the highway.......I get up slowly and walk up the long driveway on the right side of the cars... I now see the cat coming towards me from the opposite side of the deck... I site on the steps as she rubs her side against my back.... I pet her for a few minutes and decide to go in... Letting the cat in first, I close the doors and lock them as quietly as possible then scale down the steps 2 by 2 trying to make little to no sound..... then I arrive back to my Lair..... My beaten up and shattered Lair...... To these strange and demented thoughts... What next will come? Will these nightly excusion continue? Will they expand and become somthing more?..... When? Why? How?.....

Woww man,.... I have no Idea where all that just came from... but yeah... dude, its loosly based on a true story... happened..... really did.... anyway, 3:09... Im gonna start another post


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