Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thanks For The Ride Ossifer!

So yeah,,,, Dave and I just arrived home (4:35AM)..... Yeah, ok, lets just start from the begginnning.... SO last night I walked home from town, got here at 3:40AM last night, well kidna this morning, well Wednesday morning... Anyway, I was up until around 8AM on Wednesay, till I figured it was time for bed, anyway that was all cool whatever... Then when I woke up at like 2PM Wednesday(kinda 2day) there was a message on my MSN from April(boss). It was just saying that she needed me to come in at 3 instead of 5... So I showerd and went straight to work.... Ended up working until close(kinda shitty, but whatever, its hours). So after work I walked down to the guys place where everyone was partying and such... Got a few drinks, (NO weed at all there tho, fuck was I ever disapointed, but hey, its all good, theres 1 full day where I havent smoked weed!!!!) ANyway, they all went to the bars leaving Julia, Kristen and I at the house... yeah it was kinda boring I must say, but it had its moments, they're kinda funny even when none of us were drunk/stoned/under any influeneces. Anyway, everyone started arrive in pairs... First it was a little car load of Neale, Virginia, Rebecca, Allanna, and Corey, then Craiger showed up by himself,, Then Dave and Chris showed up, Then Tommy and some chick showed up together, and some other dude, I dunno who he was... Anyway, everyone passed out like as soon as they got there. Scotto on the couch, Neale and Virginia in Neales room, Corey and Tommy, and Chris all went to their rooms and passed out, then Rebecca and Alanna went home. So eventuelly all that were there was Dave, Julia, and I.... So Julia decided she should go home(shes gotta work 2morrow, big whop, so do I) Anyway, Dave has this bright bright idea of "hey Matt, I wanna sleep in my own bed 2night, lets walk home". Uhh ANyway, I didnt want to stay there bymyself, so I figured, "why not go with the drunk bastard"lol, SO we start walking, everythings going cool, ya know we're just talkin bout all sorts of shit,,, Then as we're,,, ohhh lets say, 1/3rd the way home,, ohh yeah, we were right beside the police station(the one on the Trans Canada there,,, Anyway, yeah we were walking on the trans Canada talking about drugs and shit and coincidentally just as I mention Choch this cop car drives by us and slows right the fuck down and pulls a U-turn and pulls right infront of us. Now, if you know me, I royally fucking hate talking to cops, and unfortunetly, my drunkass brother was drunk. But to our favor neither of us had any drugs or alcohol on us(FUCK YEAH!!!!! SCORE 1 FOR THE RICHARD'S, 0 FOR THE PIGGIES) So they start asking us why we're walking on the trans Canada at 3:30 in the morning, where we're headed and all that. And this whole time Daves leaning against this cop car talking to the cops(I was right beside him with him but still) Anyway, the cop asks us for some ID, and of corse, Dave being the big guy he is, asks why and all that.... Anyway, the cop just says its rutein and blah blah blah... So Dave(bigshot Dave) says, "well I cant feel but a little discriminated here"... I almost lost it, I was like , FUCK dude, why give them suspission?Anyway, I told him to stop and just give them his ID, so we give our ID's to him and they call it in, and the fucking dispatch or whatever takes like 6-7 mins man, so the whole time we're just talking away with these cops...they asked us where we were from, where we lived, where we were going, what we did that night... Everything and everything, then the dispatch finally calls back and says we're clean and they just leave... So I was like, HOLY FUCK YEAH!!!! Dave didnt think it was a big deal, but whatever... Then like 2 mins later Im like,"man, Dave, we shoulda asked the cops for a ride home"Just jokingly of corse, ( No fucking way did I want the cops to give us a ride home...) but anyway that was funny, then when we're almost at the lights by the cozway(cows in cornwall) The same cops slow down infront of us...(Now I started to panic, like why the fuck would they come back and stop us again??) But anyway, the window rolls down and the cops are like "hey, you boys want a ride home?" Daves like "For sure man" so ofcorse we both got in.(Yeah it actuelly was my first time in a cop car... yes the back of a cop car... Anyway, its kinda cramped inthere...) So we get in and they start asking us more questions and Daves being all happy and stuff saying shit like, "wow its been a while since i've been in one of these"... Ha. Ha. ha, not funny dude, just dont joke with cops... Anyway, they just dropped us off at the lights by our house... It was sweet, they cut our time in like half for getting home... Anyway, it was a messed up night, and All I know is I got a ride home from a cop!!! LOL, first time for everything.... Anyway, its now 5Am, and I have to work at 5PM 2night, which is exactly 12 hours away, and I havent slept... and prolly wont till around 9 or so,,, anyway, till 2morrow, L8a Days....


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