Tuesday, November 20, 2007

life sucks

Man, shit yeah, like life really does suck!!!! Fuck, like if I didn't have this vacation booked and payed for already, I'd prolly be going just that much more insane!!! Like, fuck man, I dont even know why I'm so mad right now,, I just don't like the way my life is going right now..... It's not like I have it rough, or anything, its just that I feel like I'm at a standstill..... Like I should be moving in some direction, but I'm not,,,, I'm just working day by day, with no plan, and no goals.... I've even been rethinking this move to PEI thing... I've been trying to think of where it would get me,,, and I really don't think it'll lead anywhere good.... so, I'm thinking that, if Dave comes back in around 15ish days, and he says that this camp thing is good shit, and he can get me in,,, I'll do it... just because I'm sick of this shit... just going nowere at work, never ever getting a raise and shit... all the stupid new safety bullshit....

Maybe I should see a doctor.... Man, how fucked up would it be if I went to a doctor and they told me that I was like mentally fucked up.... then I'd get some crazy meds, and be a fucking robot for life.... man, that doesn't sound so bad... getting meds to make you happy all the time.... I think that'd be fucked, but right about now,, that would be soo great..... Fuck... Anyway, I'm heading out, I'm gona have a shower and get the fuck to bed.... L8a Days...


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