Monday, October 01, 2007

Been A While.....

Yeah man, it has been a while since my last report.... Well, not much has really changed I guess... I can't overly remember what I wrote down in my last blog, but it was 2 weeks ago, and now its October 1st.... Wow..... We'll be officially living in this house for 1 full year on October 13th.... Fuck man, and that might be just around when I start, hopefully, " A New Life".... So here's my big plan....

Jake told Cory on Friday that I was interested in going back to Days, (to which I am...) So Cory just walked away thinking about it... fine and dandy.... So I'm going to ask him tomorrow if I can starting next monday,... Now, I really hope that I can either start soon, or soon.... even if I know that I'll be able to go back sometimes.... that'd be cool enough for me!!! cuz really I just want to go back on to Days because Jake is taking this Brizilian Juijitsu class on Tuesdays and Thursdays... and a Muay Thai class on Monday and Wednesdays... So I'm really hoping that I'll get back to days so I can get into these classes too man... like shit,,, that would be my life for a while!!! I know I wouldn't get bored with one, let alone both of them... 4 times a week i'll be training!!! that'll be fucking awesome!!! Anyway, I'm also planning on quitting smoking weed as of now.. which is October first.... So all I will need to do after I get back to days, and start my training, will be to start eating right.... Start some serious diets and shit, good meals... that plus my work out at the gyms at the classes will make me in such good health!!! I'm looking forward to it soo much! So really, I'm just hoping to fuck that I can get back on to days!!!

On that note, I'm not sure what else to say, so, I'm going to bed... L8a days..


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