Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First day back on Days...

Yup, so today is officially over... its only a few mins till 12,,,, So yeah, I survived the first day back on Days... And it was.... well,,, not really eventfull... but I got alot done... sprayed 2, 4 and 3/4 inch bearing mandrels with 75B and carbide... so yeah, I had stuff to do all day long which was nice... but the others had to paint eventuelly.... So yeah, that was work... Then we got off at 4PM,.,, went home, had some food, then it was off to my first night at BJJ.... pretty sweet I must say..., then at the end of the night, I signed up,,, got my mouth guard, and they were all out of Gui's so I have to wait till they get some in stock... kinda shitty, but whatever... So yeah, thats it I guess.... I'm going to have a shower and get to bed.. l8a days


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