Sunday, October 02, 2005

last night,, I dont know

lol, I just tried to reread what I wrote last night, and I guess I was pretty damn wasted. lol, anyway I dont even really wanna try to recap, all that really happened was I drank only 7 beers, in like an hour and a half, maybe 2 hours. ANyway, I guess I told Adam my life story, I dunno exactly what I said, but he laughed about it this morning and said that I explained to him how Lions would rules this earth better then us humans. Anyway Im pretty sure I also spilled my life story to him too, so in a grand total I prolly told like 10-15 ppl. And I promised to myself that i'd never tell anyone, lol. Fuck... Ah well, I guess theres nothing I can do now, so fuck it, I may be a skitzo suicidal freak, but if you cant handle that, im sorry, but thats who I am so if ya dont like it, you dont have to talk to me. Thats that...
Yup, so Dave was online, and I told him that I'll be seeing him in a month or so, depending on my cash flow, and he was more excitted then I've heard him in a while. Its kinda funny cuz he was just saying how he wouldnt think anything of it if I didnt show, or if I decided not to go and all that, but he really doesnt know how much I need to leave this place. Anyway, im kinda tired and dont really feel like geting into it, plus I gotta have a shower, so till the next time, l8a days....


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