Sunday, October 02, 2005

Honestly, I may j4 r5unk as fuck...

But... Man I htink I may be making som e rrelly gogod enince, Like, what hte fuck, I'be been tlaking to Aam for prolly 5h past 2 horts, maybe more, aout how theres not a od damn thin gyou can do in life that iwill matter, cuz eventuelly, nothing matters, cuz etberes no t a good dan thin you vcsn do that will make a differenece in rthis rold e becahuse everyinh you do will indiretly hsbrr snf rggrv y on ehsy you'br fonr, snf ig you fyou frvif noyy yo ftink, ot ftink, i'll msfr dutr yhsy rbrtyonr eill nr on yout difr, erll guvk iyt, zi lik rehn pplstrny on myh difr nrvsudr hysyy msakes mr decid ehat there will be no plave in life forf me, to whivh threre wount/houdl be, so ooo... here I am at 3:53 AM on saturday night, fuck ths shit im oioing the ruk to bed, l8a ays, i msleeping cva,l me o p0nrly ehrn dhy liytds yh4r fan, an d I dont know wny, l98a daysl


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